Russian Billionaire's Niece Shared Photos Of Her Disney Fairy-Tale-Styled Wedding

Date December 8, 2017

There is something about weddings that makes people throw away thousands of dollars in an attempt to make that special day even more remarkable. In 2016, an average wedding ceremony in the U.S. cost a bit more than $35,000, according to a study performed by The Knot.

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But apparently, these numbers are far from reality when it comes to this Uzbek couple.

Ganya Usmanova, 24, and Vazha Uzakov, 29, tied the knot on November 30, 2017. Ganya is the local 'influencer', and the girl's darling is a tennis star.

The celebration took place at the Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre in Tashkent – the capital of Uzbekistan. The happy bride shared a picture of their wedding rings shortly after the main ceremony. And while the groom's band was rather usual, the one that was sitting on Ganya's ring finger was encrusted with multiple sparkling diamonds.

The cute baby on this picture appears to be the bride's daughter – Mariam. The little beauty wore a gorgeous dress from Bibiona, a famous fashion brand for kids.

The bride herself changed several dresses during the night. For the main reception, Ganya wore a stunning wedding dress from Rami Kadi, a Lebanese-American designer who specializes in luxurious festive outfits.

The whole wedding was designed as a Disney fairy-tale: There were hundreds of sparkling lights all over the place and a huge white fairy-tale castle in the middle of the scene.

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In case you are wondering where the happy bride and groom took the money for such a breathtaking ceremony, here is a possible answer: Ganya is a niece of Alisher Usmanov, a 64-year-old Russian billionaire with Uzbek roots.

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The girl's uncle might have been the one who paid off the fairy-tale-styled ceremony, reports Business Insider. The man is worth over $15 billion, according to Forbes and co-owns Arsenal Football Club.

While the actual number remains a mystery, we can say for sure that Ganya's special day cost a fortune. And it seems to be a common thing for the Russian oligarchs to spend millions of dollars on expensive weddings.

Just recently, a wife of another Russian billionaire, Aleksey Shapovalov, showed off her $10 million worth wedding ring.

However, spending millions of dollars on one day of festivities does not guarantee a happy life for newlyweds. After all, people like James Steward and Gloria McLean or Barbra Streisand and James Brolin managed to keep their marriages thriving even without such luxurious celebrations.

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