Queen's Grandnephew Shows Off His Steal Muscles In The Lastest Post On Social Media

Date November 27, 2017

It seems like just a few years ago, Arthur Chatto was this sweet little pageboy of Queen Elizabeth II. But today, there is nothing childish left in this handsome 18-year-old young man.


Arthur Chatto is the grandnephew of the Queen Elizabeth II and the grandson of the late Princess Margaret. While not making headlines as often as his royal relatives, he lived a pretty similar life. Arthur attended the same school that little princes William and Harry went to – Eton College in Berkshire. And just like his older brother Sam, the young man will continue his education at Edinburgh University, Daily Mail report.

During his school years, Arthur was also a member of local Combined Cadet Force organization. And according to Hello! Magazine, the youngest of the Chatto boys will most likely follow in his royal cousin's footsteps and become a military man just like Prince Harry.

Blonde and Baldy

Допис, поширений Arthur Chatto (@arnchatto)

But in contrast to his royal relatives, 18-year-old Arthur is quite active on social media. Just recently, he shared an impressive photo from his outdoor workout with a breathtaking Sussex view on the background.

Sussex fit

Допис, поширений Arthur Chatto (@arnchatto)

More than a few Instagram users were impressed by Arthur's fit muscles and obvious strength.


Some people could not believe he is just 18.

The others, however, preferred to pay more attention to the view on the background than to the guy.

Looking at the picture, it is hard to believe that the man on it is just 18-year-old. But it is great that even at such a young age, Arthur seems to have everything figured out for himself and is ready to work hard in order to achieve his goals.

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