Jim Belushi Talks New Movie, And That Time He Got Arrested While Dressed As Santa

Date November 30, 2017 10:39

Actor Jim Belushi has been promoting his new movie, 'Wonder Wheel', in which he starred alongside other famous actors, like Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake. The movie, which was written and directed by the iconic Woody Allen, is a dramatic film that is quite different from the kinds of project Belushi, a comedian, normally participated in,

While speaking to TODAY recently, Belushi said he had no problems playing dramatic roles.

"Comic roles are truly dramatic," he said, adding that he actually loved being a part of this film.

'Santa Claus' arrest

Later on, Belushi appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon where he said a few words about the movie. The actor also opened up about a particular incident from many years ago when he got arrested while wearing a Santa costume.

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Right after Belushi graduated high school, he would often dress up as Santa during Christmas holidays and visit up to 25 houses. According to him, he charged $15 for each of these visits. However, one day, he was stopped by a cop while driving, all decked out in his Santa gear. He ended up being arrested and cuffed.

What he found most humiliating about the experience was that there were a playground and a park close to where he was being handcuffed by the officer. Screams of 'Mom, they arrested Santa!!!' rented the air, and it was at that point he learned his lesson. For subsequent Santa gigs, he hired an elf to drive him around.

The story sounded really hilarious the way he told it, but we imagined that at the time, Belushi was not laughing. The poor guy probably tarnished Santa's image for a lot of kids at the time.

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Wonder Wheel

The new movie follows the story of the wife of a carousel operator, and her husband's estrange daughter as they pursued the same man. Watch the trailer below.

From the looks of things, we can guess that this will be a pretty phenomenal movie. Really, what else can one expect from a Woody Allen film?