Jamie Foxx Turns 50: Fans And Celebrities Wish Him A Happy Birthday

Date December 14, 2017 16:34

The famous actor, singer, and comedian turned 50 on December 13, 2017, and he has been receiving a lot of love on social media.

Jamie Foxx - how far has he come?

Jamie Foxx has been an entertainer for almost three decades, and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. This man is certainly a hard worker and he has done it all - acting, singing, comedy, and even producing. Clearly, he was determined to dominate and that is exactly what he is doing.


Comedy was his first route to fame. Foxx began drawing attention to himself when he told jokes at comedy clubs in 1989. He eventually got cast in his first ever acting role in 1991 in Living Color.

As he continued to gain popularity, he figured he deserved his own platform to display his talents. The Jamie Foxx Show was created in 1996 and lasted for five years. As time went on, he had more movie roles and rose to prominence as a Hollywood star.


When it comes to his personal life, Foxx is a very private person. He has two daughters, Corinne and Annalise.

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He is also rumoured to be dating actress, Katie Holmes. There are even reports that the pair celebrated his 50th birthday together, but neither of them has come out to confirm or deny these stories.


The birthday wishes

It looks like Jamie Foxx is very much loved by his fellow entertainers. For his birthday, a few well-known people and fans alike posted a shoutout in his honour on their social media pages.

His biggest fans shared their birthday messages via Twitter.

Actress Reese Witherspoon, TV host, Ellen Degeneres and writer/producer, Edgar Wright also wished Foxx a happy birthday.

The actor appreciated all the birthday wishes via a post on his Instagram.

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The movie star absolutely had a blast as he turned half a century old. In a video, he was seen partying it up in style at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

Happy Birthday Jamie Foxx. You absolutely deserve to let loose and have fun.

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