Lady Amelia Winsdor Likes To Relax Before Going To Bed


November 24, 2017 13:42 By Fabiosa

Lady Amelia Windsor is the youngest daughter of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, and she is 36th in line to the British throne. The 21-year-old studies French and Italian at The University of Edinburgh and has a successful modeling career with Storm model agency. Her passion for traveling has brought her to many trips all over the world, including the most recent trip to Morocco.


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Currently, Amelia lives in Paris, which is a part of her university program, trying to balance her studying with fashion career. After spending a semester in France, she’ll move to Rome to work at fashion internships, combining it with studying French and Italian.

Recently, Amelia has talked to Vogue about her way of life and things that help her fall asleep in such a busy schedule. Turns out, one of the things Amelia keeps at hand on the bedside table is a Deep sleep pillow spray, which smells like lavender, vetivert, and chamomile. Apparently, it is really soothing and calming. She likes to use an eye mask that is, preferably, silky. Before going to bed, she usually goes through the clothes she is planning to wear for the next day and the breakfast she’s going to have.


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The beautiful British royal doesn’t think it’s a good idea to look through Instagram pages before sleep, so she usually places her phone on the other side of the room, after saying goodnight to her family in a WhatsApp group. It’s a smart idea, as in the morning, she is forced to get out of bed when the alarm on her phone goes off.

Lady Amelia prefers white sheets, a big duvet, and one soft pillow. Before falling asleep, she likes to listen to audiobooks. One of her latest choices was Vivienne Westwood's biography. The girl finds her very inspiring for promoting good causes and is going to participate in a half marathon for War Child charity herself next year to help children in areas affected by war. She says:

I’m running a half marathon for War Child next year. I really need to get my fitness in action. I’m not running much in Paris.

golden footed hot steppin alooong with ma rucksack owwn ⭐️????????‍♀⭐️ styling

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Before going to bed, Lady Amelia reads a book, does some stretching, or takes a bath. She jokes:

I pretend to know how to do a yoga routine, that sometimes helps. Or a bath, listening to classical music in the bath.

Stripey salut ????

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She usually remembers her dreams, even the weirdest ones, like the one about her granny giving her a lot of puppies when she had to go on a plane. She ended up not knowing what to do with all of them. But if Amelia hasn’t got enough sleep, she feels weird:

Literally, away with the fairies. I daydream even if I have slept.

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Seems like lady Amelia has got her sleeping patterns all under control, and some of her tips may be helpful in organizing our own routine. What do you think? Please, share your opinions with us.

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