Victoria's Secret Model Ming Xi Fell On The Catwalk: People Are Upset That This Situation Was Aired On TV

Date November 30, 2017

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an annual event, which is broadcast by America network television during prime time and watched by millions of viewers every year. It features the world’s leading models, such as Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, and other Victoria’s Secret Angels. The show promotes the famous lingerie and sleepwear brand.


This year, during the show held in Shanghai, the media attention was focused on model Ming Xi, who accidentally fell on the catwalk. But what most of the fans found unacceptable was that Xi’s blunder wasn’t cut out from the show, even though it is usually filmed twice in order to eliminate any errors in the final broadcast.


Moreover, there was also footage of Ming Xi crying backstage after the slip-up. Some internet users were outraged that her mistake wasn’t edited out, even though there was such a possibility, blaming the VS Fashion Show for being ruthless.

But Victoria’s Secret shared an encouraging tweet, expressing support for Ming Xi.

And many other Twitter users joined VS in supporting the grace and courage of this woman.

The next day after the unfortunate incident, Ming Xi wrote the most dignified response on her Instagram page to all the messages she received. She was, obviously, very upset to have fallen, saying:

It was no doubt one of the hardest moments I have ever had to go through in my career, especially since the show was taking place in my hometown, in front of my mother's and my people's eyes.

Nevertheless, she was thankful for all the incredible support from people who were there for her, especially to Gisele Oliveira, who helped her get up after the fall, calling it a “very selfless and loving act”. On a positive note, Ming Xi added:

I will pick myself up from where I fell, and I will keep going in order to repay all the support you all have given me!!

Indeed, as the wise Confucius once said:

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

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