Kelly Ripa Allures Fans With Her Very Personal Photo No One Has Ever Seen Before

Date April 16, 2018

After Mark Consuelos has posted a photo of his beloved wife, Kelly Ripa, in a bikini, little did he know how many people will condemn this act as well as his wife’s body. Lots of people claimed she wasn’t attractive enough to be on his Instagram. However, the loving husband did everything to defend his wife.'

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This time, the story is about photos again. However, now, Kelly Ripa has decided to share some of those her fans have never seen before. In the picture that she’s shared on Instagram, she is a little girl posing for a photo in a cute red costume. Back then, she seemed to be a little bit shy. Now, there’s nothing left of the shyness.

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What is more, Kelly has already shared some of her old school photos on the web, and her fans adored that! There were both from the times of her childhood and the start of her relationship with Mark Consuelos. Take a look at their wedding photos, you’ll fall in love with them!

Kelly Ripa