Stan Lee, One Of The Oldest Authors In The Comic Book Universe, Turns 95

Date December 29, 2017

If we said to a comic book enthusiast, “Do you know Stanley Martin Lieber?”, he would probably be clueless about the name. However, if we mentioned Stan Lee, the look of recognition will just about say it all.

A brief backstory

Stan Lee is almost, if not regarded as a deity in the comic book community, having contributed a wealth of entertaining content to a worldwide readership.


A comic book writer, editor, publisher and not too long ago, film producer, Stan Lee was born 95 years ago in New York City to immigrant parents.

Concerning his career, Lee grew within the ranks of then-budding Marvel Comics, retiring as Chairman of its present status as an expanded corporation in an entertainment property.

He is credited to have co-created comic book characters like Spiderman, Iron Man, Daredevil, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange as well as the Hulk.

Birthday wishes on Twitter

Today, the hashtag #StanLee95, as directed on Stan Lee’s official twitter in commemoration of his 95th birthday, has been on a row all day, in celebration of the Marvel comics legend.

A Twitter user @jonbry97 congratulated Stan, tweeting on behalf of Lee’s fans in the South Pacific, and then ending the tweet with Stan’s signature phrase under a hashtag, “Excelsior”.

Then @NerdCoouncil_ sent their wishes over Twitter as well, posting a GIF to go along with it.

His best cameos

Beyond the comics, Stan Lee has also appeared in movies and TV shows. Sometimes as himself or as live-action comic book characters a minor role.

In 2014, a video content creation service, made a tribute video in honor of the legend, providing a selection of his top-rated cameo appearances in majorly, Marvel-related films.

Going through the selection, Lee has appeared as a mental patient, a mailman, a general, real-life personalities like Larry King in Iron Man 1 and even as himself.

Happy birthday, Stan Lee. Excelsior!

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