It Has Been 15 Years Since The Release Of 'Chicago', The Fans Are Happy To Share Their Emotions And Favorite Moments


December 28, 2017 14:50 By Fabiosa

Chicago is all about glamour, crime, punishment, celebrity, corruption, and judgment. But the musical is also full of satire about the world where everything can be sold and bought, from love to fame.



What makes it special is music, dancing, and a wonderful performance of A-listers Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger, who played two murderesses. And this month, the critically-acclaimed movie has turned 15!

Fan reactions

Fans of the musical were quick to react to this wonderful news. They took their time to go to Twitter and inform their friends about the anniversary of the great film, sharing their emotions and most memorable moments.

Some just pointed out to the fact that it has been 15 years since its release.

And others shared their favorite moments, like unforgettable Cell Block Tango. Indeed, the performance was passionate and intense.

Many were satisfied with the song choice for the movie. Yes, there were 16 musical numbers, and all were stunning.

Of course, they could not but mention the famous cast, especially Catherine Zeta-Jones. She really got into her character, just like Renée Zellweger did.


Some even confessed that they were somehow in sync with the movie.

By the way, it won numerous awards, including six Oscars. Incredible!

And even in 15 years, it is still one of the greatest films that have fans all over the world.

But this fact makes us feel old, just a bit.

Memorable scenes

To celebrate its birthday, let’s look at some of the most amazing musical numbers of the film and enjoy the fantastic performance.

Well, best things never get old!

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