Kelly Clarkson Cannot Contain Her Excitement After Seeing Meryl Streep At The Golden Globes

Date January 9, 2018

There’s no doubt that the stars that won Golden Globe Awards enjoyed this amazing night. But it seems there’s one more person who has had even more fun, and it’s Kelly Clarkson! Even before the event itself, the pop star had a time of her life, rocking her gold-and-black dress on the red carpet and gushing over other famous celebrities.


Impromptu performance

A bit later during the event, she left her fans delighted when she put her head together with Keith Urban and, after announcing the original-song category nominees, sang “And the Golden Globe goes to!” in a perfect harmony.

Despite the fact that it was only a few seconds, the performance won loud audience’s applause, leaving them with chills. For sure, some fans will ask the two to release a record together.

Fan's dream

But all these moments cannot be compared to the one when Kelly Clarkson saw Maryl Streep, one of her idols. The day before the event, the singer shared a video on her social media, revealing her obsession with a multi-award winning actress. The Love So Soft crooner was dying to meet Streep, and her dream came true.

Indeed, she looked a teenage fangirl when she gasped and retreated at the sight of her idol.

Oh my God, that’s Meryl! That’s Meryl Streep!

Ryan Seacrest, the singer’s fellow American Idol alum, quickly introduced Clarkson to the best actress nominee, and the two shared a brief sweet chat and embrace. After the unexpected meeting, the singer could not calm down and constantly talked about this moment during interviews.

People’s reactions

It was such a pure moment that other celebrities and common people could not help but take to Twitter and shared it with their followers.

Yeah, Clarkson definitely lived every fan’s dream, and others confessed that they would have reacted the same.

And some even said that meeting all these celebs, she was the real winner of the Golden Globes.

We guess we all need to enjoy life as much as the pop star enjoyed her first Golden Globes.

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