Mark Wahlberg Praises Firefighters Who “Are Putting Their Lives On The Line To Keep Us Safe”

Date December 10, 2017 15:22

There are not so many important heroic professions, which require certain courage and heroism. A profession of a fireman is one of them. Firefighters are people who sacrifice their lives and health every day to save others. A popular actor and successful businessman, Mark Wahlberg, shares this opinion and praises these brave men in his recent post.

Mark Wahlberg praises firefighters for saving human lives

In his recent Instagram post, Wahlberg says thanks to all the firefighters who saved human lives during the tragic events in California. Awful fires emerged from San Diego to the territory of San Fernando earlier this day. More than 4 thousand acres were destroyed making people and wildlife animals leave their homes and look for the rescue. Firemen from the local departments worked hard to save people’s lives and cope with a fast-moving fire.

In his emotional post, Mark expressed his gratitude to all these brave men for putting their lives on the line to keep others safe.

Thank you, men…You guys are the real heroes!

In response to Wahlberg’s powerful message, other celebrities and ordinary people on social media start sharing tweets to honor all firefighters who risk their own lives to keep other people safe.

Firefighters are people with ‘burning hearts’ who are not afraid of difficulties when it comes to saving human lives. The profession of a fireman is very dangerous and it deserves our admiration and highest respect. Thank you guys for your great job.

Source: markwahlberg / Instagram

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