Ryan Reynolds Wishes Fans 'Happy Thanksgiving' By Posting A Message On Social Media

Date November 23, 2017 12:45

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s time to think what we are thankful for. In front of the holiday, people usually think how to get it all done as there are so many things to do. Celebrities also fall under the ‘happy holidays’ atmosphere. Ryan Reynolds wished fans 'Happy Thanksgiving' with a hilarious post on Instagram.

I cooked this entire turkey using only a Zippo lighter.

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Fans' reaction to Reynolds’ holiday poster

It’s not the first time when Ryan Reynolds has trolled his followers on Instagram. The actor says that a good sense of humor is his strongest trait of character. He likes to tease his friends and co-workers on shooting. The actor’s wife, Blake Lively, confessed that one of the reasons she’s married Reynolds is his ability “to make her laugh at any life situation.”

Reynolds’ hilarious poster on Instagram is a vivid example of the actor’s great sense of humor. Fan’s reaction was adorable. Most of them admitted that it was Stan Lee who actually stole the spotlight. You may notice his picture hanging in the background.

Deadpool2-themed Thanksgiving

The above poster brings together Deadpool characters for a traditional family meal. The starring cast includes such popular characters like Weasel and Blind Al, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warrior. Of course, Deadpool is at the head of the table.

Deadpool had a fantastic commercial success since its release in 2016. Some critics say it is only due to the intensive advertising campaign on social media; however, the positive reviews from movie fans prove that the film is worth watching. Deadpool 2 is likely to appear on a big screen in April, 2018. In the meantime, fans just have to guess about the new characters and intriguing plot of the upcoming movie.

Thanksgiving around the corner

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the ‘holiday season’, and in order to go through this busy period with less stress, here are some useful recommendations from Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively.


It is better to celebrate such holidays as Thanksgiving and Christmas in the family atmosphere. Reynolds says there is nothing better than all family members gather together for a big dinner.

Plan a menu in advance in order not to be in the last-minute rush. Reynolds’ mom always made the turkey the day before the holiday when he was a kid.

Don’t forget about drinks.

Reynolds admits it is always necessary to have the cocktails ‘ready to go’ on holidays. “I always have a pitcher or two of a festive cocktail ready in the fridge.”

Relax and have fun!

This is the main advice for holiday celebration from the actor. Blake Lively says she never has to worry about entertaining their guests with such a big “funny guy” as her famous husband.

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