Pay It Forward: Man Helped An Old Lady Whose Car Broke Down. The Woman Later Gave Money To Pregnant Waitress

Date October 10, 2017

Once, driving down a route, a man saw an old lady standing near a car on the roadside. It was almost evening, and the man could see that the woman couldn't cope with a breakdown. The man stopped near her and when he left his car, he heard her old Mercedes-Benz hissing.

The woman was very worried, but tried to hide her uneasiness under a smile. For two hours no one stopped to offer her help. But this driver did... Why was he here? He looked poor and hungry. Maybe, he was dangerous? Different thoughts ran through her head.

The man immediately noticed that the old lady was scared. He was a good judge of character.

— Hello, may I help you? While I'm checking your car, you may get into it to warm up. By the way, I forgot to present myself. My name is Brian Anderson.


It turned out that the car had only a flat tyre. But for the helpless aged woman such an accident was a real tragedy. Brian coped with the breakout quickly. When the woman saw that the man had almost completed his task, she opened a window and decided to talk to him. She told that she was from St. Louis and she hurried back home, but things didn't come round as she expected. The woman was very grateful her rescuer and said that she would probably never manage to completely thank him.

Anderson only smiled to her in return. Then the woman asked how much she could pay for the repair: she would consider any sum acceptable in such an emergency. The young man refused immediately. He remembered everyone who ever lent a willing hand in hard time not asking for anything in return. Brian said the old lady:

— If you want to thank me, then you may simply help someone else in need. At that moment, think about me...

Watching the old lady starting her car and driving away, Brian felt how after the cold and not very successful day this sudden possibility to show kindness filled his heart with warmth. Following the lady on «Mercedes» with his eyes, he smiled and thanked her in his mind. Then he started his car and continued his journey.

The old lady we already know stopped at a roadside cafe in a few miles. This was a typical quick service restaurant near a patrol station: quickly cleaned tables, plain interior. This picture evoked unpleasant emotions in the woman. The feeling of discomfort would completely spoiled her appetite, but suddenly she noticed a waitress. And behind her pleasant smile the woman saw worrying, tiredness and pain.

And at that moment the woman recognised herself in this young girl. Just a half an hour ago she was also standing helplessly, and cars were passing by her. And the one who decided to help her, she met with the worried glance and the same smile. The girl excitedly wiped sweat appeared on her face with a towel and anxiously looked an the visitors and dirty tables not even imagining how she would cope with all that. But the smile on her face kept on pleasing everyone who was waiting for an order.

The old lady immediately noticed that the waitress was approximately on the seventh month of pregnancy. A though shot across woman's mind: «How someone having almost nothing can present so much to others?» And then she remembered Brian...

After having a dinner, the traveller put a $100 note on a table and quickly left to her car. The waitress coming up to the table saw money and the woman getting into the «Mercedes». The girl understood that she wouldn't have a chance to catch her and give the change back. In a minute there were tears in her eyes, because on a napkin she read: «You don't owe me anything. Recently a man helped me not asking for anything in return. And now I help you. If you want to thank me, don't let this cycle of kindness stop on you.» Under this note there were $400 more.

The waitress, inspired by this gesture of kindness, easily coped with dirty tables, dishes and numerous customers. After returning back home, she kept on thinking about her benefactress: «How did she know that we are in such a need now? The baby is arriving so soon, and with our income we would have tough times…».

With these thoughts she went to bed and hugged her sleeping husband who was worried about money every day and was doing any job he could get. Kissing him, she whispered: «Everything will be fine. I love you so much, my dearest Brian Anderson.»


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