Defining Your Creativity: What Animal Do You See In The Picture?

Date May 31, 2019

This optical illusion has been taking social media by storm. To make it more interesting, we can tell you that this was first published around 1892 in a German humor magazine called "Fliegende Blättermade." However, it just gained popularity seven years after when the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow made it famous. Despite being drawn more than a hundred years ago, this image can tell a lot about how your brain functions.

Unusual illusion 

What do you see? Is it a rabbit or a duck? Can you see only one animal? Or can you see both?

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Psychologists say the ability to quickly switch between a rabbit and a duck indicates your creative abilities. It can also point out that we can see the world from not just one but different perspectives. The more creative you are, the bigger the chance is that you can switch between the images of the two animals faster than other people can.


Quickly flipping between duck and rabbit gives you a creative insight that there are other ways to look at a certain object aside from the usual.

Some people, when looking at this optical illusion, find that they can flip the image quickly with ease, while others are having some difficulty to point out the other animal. Surprisingly, when this test was introduced to children at different times within a year, the results differed from the previous ones. This only proves that our mind works in ways that cannot explain.

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