Girl Finishes Her First Note, And All The Judges Turn Around


February 27, 2018 17:50 By Fabiosa

When we talk about the singing competition The Voice, we expect to hear performances from the best singers just waiting for their time to shine. And when we say time to shine, this singer who joined the blind audition of The Voice Holland in 2015 definitely nailed it and owned the stage! What's really remarkable is that this is one performance you’re going to want to listen to over and over again.

You know what's so special about her? Well, she just made all the judges turn for her barely ten seconds after she started belting out her first note. Wow! Totally amazing.

The voice of Holland / YouTube

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The video below shows the outstanding audition performance of Jennie Lena as she sang “Who’s Loving You,” written by Smokey Robinson for his band The Miracle. With her vocal prowess, it is not surprising that she made all four turn for her when she hasn't even started on the lyrics yet.

The voice of Holland / YouTube

Seriously, we have never seen judges react that quickly before, and you have to see their reaction when the girl showcased her powerful notes on the climax of the song. The judges couldn't even believe that they were hearing an audition. It sounds like an actual concert happening on their stage.

The voice of Holland / YouTube

By the end of the competition, Jennie did not win as The Voice, but she made it as one of the top four finalists. After listening to this audition piece, there is no doubt that this girl will go really far in her singing career.

This audition video immediately went viral, now with almost 6 million views.

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