86-Year-Old Lady Got Married Wearing A Beautiful Dress She Designed Herself

Date March 2, 2018

Then 86-year-old Millie Taylor-Morrison got married in a stunning dress she designed herself. The bride worked as a model 50 years ago, and judging by these pics it’s safe to say she hasn’t lost her charm and now looks amazing.

Her granddaughter took a photo of grandma and posted it on Facebook.

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The girl said her granny turned 86 in 2016, and her now husband celebrated his 86th birthday in December the same year.

My grandmother spent 41 happy years with my grandfather until he passed away. 25 years later, she found love again, and we are the happiest family ever.

Groom Harold Morrison has been Millie’s friend for 60 years.

A couple of years ago, Harold got seriously sick, and they moved in together. Millie took care of him, and following his recovery, Harold proposed immediately.

It's so nice people can still enjoy their lives to the fullest at their age. Their wonderful story is another proof you’re never too old to love and be loved.

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