Before Meghan Markle: 6 Ex-Girlfriends Of Prince Harry

Date May 23, 2018

The event we’ve been waiting for so long finally happened! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot and they are now officially a husband and wife.

The newlyweds exchanged their vows on May 19 in front of the family members and close friends. The beautiful ceremony was broadcasted worldwide and watched by millions of people. 

It is fair to say that almost every girl dreams to find her own prince charming. Today, we want to take a look at previous relationships of Prince Harry before he met Meghan Markle.

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Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends before Meghan Markle


Caroline Flack


X-Factor hostess, beautiful Caroline Flack, started dating Prince Harry in 2009. They were introduced to each other by their common friend. Caroline said their romance was wonderful until it had been revealed to the public. Despite the fact Flack was a popular public figure herself, she explained that too much attention was dedicated to her relationships with Harry.

Once the story got out, that was it.

Camila Romestrand


Prince Harry dated Camila Romestrand in 2010. He was impressed by the rock star, her sense of humor, and bright personality. However, their relationship did not last long; after a couple of months, Harry and Camila broke up.

Chelsy Davy


Chelsy is a daughter of a millionaire father and former Miss Rhodesia mother. Chelsy and Harry were dating from 2004 to 2011, though they took a little break during this period. Chelsy was a constant guest at all Harry’s polo matches. The couple broke up because of enormous attention from paparazzi. Davy said it was too much pressure for her dating with the royal, but they remain on good terms. She said:

I think we will always be good friends.

Cressida Bonas


Harry dated Cressida for almost two years. Bonas is a talented actress, and she is also of the aristocratic origin. The girl was introduced to Harry by Princess Eugenia. They started their relationship as friends first, but after a while, they understood they liked each other, and began dating. Nonetheless, it didn’t work out, and in 2014 Harry and Cressida broke up.

Florence Brudenell


Florence is a successful model and actress; she also has a degree in the History of Art. She started dating Prince Harry in 2011 after he broke up with Chelsy Davy. Now, Florence is a wife of a multi-millionaire. They had a romantic wedding ceremony in France.

Ellie Goulding


Despite the fact Harry and Ellie have never confirmed their relationships, the couple was captured spending time together. They know each other for years. Goulding is a talented singer, and she even performed at the royal wedding of Harry’s brother.

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