Pregnant Nurse Helps Other Woman Deliver A Child Just Before Giving Birth To Her Own Baby

Date October 10, 2017 18:28

Amanda Hess is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. However, this time, when she visited a hospital, she came not as a nurse, but as a patient. Amanda was waiting for a baby and it was just time to give a birth to her second child.

When she entered the hospital, she learned there was another woman who was expecting a baby, but some difficulties occurred. The doctor was on his way and would arrive soon, but the mom couldn’t wait even a minute.

Despite the pain that Amanda started feeling in her belly, she decided that it was her duty as a nurse to help this woman. So, she came to the patient and helped her to give birth to the baby.

After a successful birth of a child, Amanda went to her chamber, and in a few moments, she was ready to give birth to her own baby. Both moms are feeling good now, and they have healthy babies.

Amanda admitted that she felt constant pain, but she couldn’t act otherwise, because when doctors have to help a patient, they forget about their own problems, pains, or difficulties. They do what they have to do because it is their job, and they have to help people in need, even if they require the same kind of help themselves.

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