Jordin Sparks Had A Rough Start In 2018 As Tragedy Strikes Not Once, But Four Times

Date February 2, 2018 11:15

Ever since Jordin Sparks won Season 6 of American Idol, it seemed like nothing was out of her reach. Jordin was only 17 at the time, and one of the youngest ever to win the competition. Her debut album Jordin Sparks went platinum, selling more than 2 million copies.

In 2017, Jordin got married in Hawaii to boyfriend Dana Isaiah. And by November, she had a big announcement. Jordin was pregnant and expecting to deliver in the spring of 2018.

Thank you for all the love, well wishes & encouragement! We're excited to share this next chapter with you. It's all new so @_danaisaiah and I will take it one step at a time. I can't wait to see what God does next! ♥️ #3 #HGA #psalm37four #marriednow #icanactuallysayhusband #yassss #andababymakes3 --- Thank you to @people for sharing our story (link to it in my bio) & @michelson_ari for taking such beautiful photos. Make sure you grab a copy, the one with @blakeshelton on the cover, out everywhere on Friday! --- Special thanks to @nelson_jeff & @chiumelo for making this happen. My manager Joe & publicist @doubleveenyc. And to my amazing glam team: @varolopezhair, @itstroyjensen & @sreyninpeng for making me glow even more! I love you!

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Jordin and Isaiah have been very excited about their baby. She believes that Dana is going to be a great dad.

I’ve seen him with my nieces and his nephew and they just adore him. This little one will have Dana wrapped around his finger 100 percent!

Jordin says they are already thinking about baby names. However, the couple is not big on sharing any further information on the subject.

Dealing with loss.

2018 started on a sad note for Jordin. Jordin’s step-sister, 16-year-old Bryanna Jackson-Frias, died after succumbing to sickle cell anemia. The condition is a genetic defect that is in most cases inherited from parents.

Most people who suffer from this disease are diagnosed within 5 - 6 months after birth. Abnormal hemoglobin, which is found in red blood cells, is responsible for sickle cell anemia. These cells are unable to carry oxygen through the blood.

The result is a plethora of health problems. Tissues are starved of oxygen and this leads to scarring and organ damage. For most people who suffer from the condition, constant pain is one of the telltale signs. Frequent visits to the hospital are required for extreme cases and constant supervision of sufferers too.

Prior to Tuesday, Jordin had not revealed her half-sister was in a critical state. However, she broke the news on her Instagram with the message, “Please keep my little sister, Bryanna, in your prayers.” Meanwhile, Sparks’s mom, Jodi Jackson posted this on Monday.

Jodi Jackson also shared this post yesterday in memory of her late daughter.

Our hearts go out to Jordin and the entire family.

Tribute to friends she lost.

It seems like the worst is over for Jordin who is still reeling from a spate of losses this week. On Wednesday, just a day after she shared the news about her sister, Jordin lost two friends. Rasaul Butler, a former pro basketball player, and his wife, Leah LaBelle were involved in a tragic motor accident.

Four Angels in a week. My heart is just so heavy & broken. I'm in shock, numb and feel everything all at the same time. Leah & Rasual (one of my closest friends and her amazing other half who also was a great friend), Bryanna (my step sister) and Q (my little cousin), you were such bright lights in this crazy world. You made everyone better just by knowing them. And your smiles made anyone's day better. The world is less sparkly without you in it. Rest In Peace and Power. I love you forever. Find Miles and hug him for me. ♥️ Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Don't ever skip a chance to tell someone you appreciate them or how much you love them. Please, please continue to cover their families and our family with thoughts and prayers. #unicornsdontdie #sicklecellsux

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Jordin also lost a cousin this week. Despite the losses, she is putting up a brave face. We hope she gets a lot of support from her family and fans in these troubling times.

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