Chrissy Teigan Was Looking Absolutely Stunning At The 2018 Grammys


January 30, 2018 17:26 By Fabiosa

2017 was a pretty awesome year for singer John Legend and his stunning wife Chrissy Teigan. Their daughter Luna is almost two years old now and already going for a walk with her model mom.

Just three weeks ago, Chrissy shared this delightful photo of her and Luna on a slide set at the park.

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It’s always loads of fun hanging out with mom in the kitchen. Luna may not know how to cook, but she sure loves to stay occupied. Here, she is captured in her cute pajamas and a sieve on her head. It’s not a helmet, but the toddler looks very happy.

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The family spends a lot of time together. It is likely to spot the trio on the streets of New York.

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Even Luna is all for photographs. She posed for this snapshot with her dad last month and even had a little wave for the camera. Today, it was a good old mom taking the pictures, but little Luna is likely to have the paparazzi hot on her tiny heels soon.

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Baby on the way

It’s not a secret that Chrissy is expecting another baby. She made the announcement in November with the help of her daughter Luna on her Instagram page.

This year, she showed up at a pre-Grammy party looking exceptionally radiant. Chrissy chose a bare-shoulder golden dress by Jonathan Simkhai with fine see-through sleeves, clinched at the wrists. The dress did nothing at all to conceal her very evident baby bump, and she carried the look like a rock star.

Had such a wonderful time at Clive’s pre-Grammy party! I must thank my dear friends who I pay but they’re still very good friends @jenatkinhair, @maryphillips And @monicarosestyle. I love you guys. Thank you for making me feel good which is more important than looking good but let’s face it, both are nice. Thank you thank you @jonathansimkhai for creating such a beautiful dress for me and baby. It was such an honor to work with you. ❤️

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Completing the outfit was a pair of hooped diamond earrings. John was also looking sharp as always in a black suit and matching bow tie. In her post, Chrissy was full of thanks to John, noting that he was a big reason for her being happy.

...and thank you to Johnny. I wouldn’t be here without you. Or I would because I’d be dating or married to someone similar. But I am happy to be here with you. I love you.

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And for the main event, Chrissy stepped it up a notch. This time, she wore a shimmering silver number by Yanina Couture. The wraparound gown featured long bell sleeves and was cinched at the waist, again showing off her baby bump.

This time, she chose silver and black dangly earrings to complete the look along with a matching silver purse. For John, the evening called for a close fit blue tuxedo and dark pants.

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Chrissy confirmed yesterday that they are having a baby boy with this post-event photo.

mama and her baby boy

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Chrissy says it was a joint decision to have a baby boy after Luna.

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They sure had fun at the event. And Cheeky Chrissy posted this post-event clip on Twitter. Time to get those feet up.

The fans are loving it

Chrissy is not the only one who is giddy about the new baby. Even the fans are eagerly waiting for the new addition to her family.

Chrissy confirmed in an interview with PEOPLE that her second baby was also by IVF. It is not the first time that Chrissy has undergone the procedure. Little Luna was also born through IVF.

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