Man Asked For 10 Volunteers To Shovel Snow In Chicago, And Over 100 People Decided To Help

Date February 14, 2018

It is a particularly snowy time in Chicago. Last week, a winter storm warning was issued. This was in preparation for what is recorded to be the biggest storm front of the season.

On Friday, all public schools were closed, and parents advised to keep their children indoors. Other institutions, including Northern Illinois University, were also shut down.

The snow affected public transportation, with coverage ranging between 3 to 6 inches in various areas of the state. Furthermore, residents were advised to stock up on provisions as there was no saying exactly how long the storm would last.

Helping the seniors

On Friday, Jahmal Cole was bombarded by messages from elderly residents in his Chatham neighborhood. They all needed assistance during the storm, but most of them had been snowed in. So, Jahmal sent out a message of his own, asking for 10 volunteers to join him shoveling snow on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, Jahmal was at the train station to meet the volunteers. He was in for an unexpected sight. Over 100 people were waiting for him, armed with shovels, all ready to move some snow.

The people who showed up, they showed that whether people have privilege or don’t have privilege, everyone recognizes a need.

Everyone was eager to help

People who responded to Jahmal’s tweet came from all over the city. The original post has been shared by more than 22,000 people and has scored over 64,000 likes.

Infectious enthusiasm

Though many of the volunteers came with their shovels, some didn’t. So, Jahmal went to a store and got several shovels. All the volunteers were given addresses to go shovel at. And the senior citizens were very grateful for the assist.

It is truly inspirational seeing everyday people mobilize to help the elderly and less privileged.

Jahmal runs a community support and development group that supports underprivileged youth and other struggling citizens of Chicago.

Lonely seniors are on the rise

Recent statistics show that 18% of seniors live alone. In addition, most of them do not have any connection to relatives or friends, so they are usually very lonely.

The lack of interaction is also responsible for antisocial behavior in some cases. Seniors may gradually lose the capacity to relate with people the longer they remain isolated.

Thankfully, people like Jahmal are helping them in their own little way.