John Mahoney Passes On: A Look At His Career High Points

Date February 13, 2018

British actor John Mahoney recently passed on at 77. Mahoney is most remembered for his role in the American sitcom "Frasier" but he was also a thespian of note.

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A Veteran Actor

He had a remarkable career in film and on stage. He also took on a number of voice acting roles, notably voicing some of the characters in "Antz". To honour this stellar actor's memory, here is a list of his career high points.


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Memorable Roles

Mahoney started acting on stage in 1977 and three years later made a debut in film.  It is difficult to pick any of his performances over the other, but we will give it our best shot.

1. Frasier (1993-2004)

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This is undeniably one of his most noteworthy roles. John Mahoney was on "Frasier" from its first episode in 1993 and remained with the sitcom till it stopped airing in 2004. For his role as Michael Crane, he earned two Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe nominations.

2. Barton Fink (1991)

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In Barton Fink, Mahoney played a role that is considered one of his most outstanding performances in a movie. His character, W.P. Mayhew, was loosely based on the American novelist William Faulkner. The film premiered in 1991 at the Cannes Film Festival and won the prestigious Palme d’Or. It was nominated for three Academy Awards but did not do well commercially.

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3. Primal Fear (1996)

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In Primal Fear, Mahoney played a corrupt attorney John Shaughnessy. The film, which also starred Richard Gere, got Academy Award nods.

4. Say Anything (1989)

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In this romantic comedy ranked by Entertainment Weekly as one of the 50 best high school movies, Mahoney plays the divorced father of a valedictorian who falls in love with an aspiring kickboxer.

5. Hot in Cleveland (2010-2015)

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Mahoney starred in Hot in Cleveland as the romantic interest of an elderly woman, Elka, played by veteran actor Betty White.

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Kelsey Grammer's warming tribute

Mahoney is known to have elevated any performance he was in and his colleagues have continued to share fond memories of him.

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Particularly, his television son from his Frasier days, Kelsey Grammer, touched fans when he said the late actor was more than his TV dad.

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