Famous Men Show What It Means To Be A Male Feminist

Date February 13, 2018 11:30

Men have been embracing the feminist label for some time now. It is no longer unusual to hear men go public about being committed to parenting, having the equal pay conversation, and creating better conditions for working mums.


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Men talk about women’s rights

At a press conference where he announced his Sound of Change concert for a women’s charity in 2013, John Legend famously said, “All men should be feminists. If men care about women's rights the world will be a better place.” And he is not alone.


How male feminists look like?

While many people still have a hard time coming to terms with the idea of ‘male feminists’, we have put together a list of leading men who embody the term and why we think they qualify as feminists.

1. John Legend

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He makes the list for declaring that all men should be feminists before the term “we should all be feminists” became cool enough for T-shirts. Added to this, he made it clear that male feminism does not have to kick in when a man becomes to father of a girl child.

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2. Ashton Kutcher

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Here’s a man who believes that gender equality is just as important at home as it is in the work place. He is also an advocate for sex education.

3. Ben Stiller

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The leading funny man makes the list for highlighting the double standard women faced in the comedy world. He is quoted as saying:

I think that in general, there’s a certain ‘men’s club’ sort of attitude about comedy in terms of how men see women.

4. Prince Harry

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The British royal is an advocate for the rights of women around the world.

More than this, he is set to marry Meghan Markle, a woman who is known for her feminism and humanitarian work.

5, Ryan Gosling

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Ryan’s feminism has a life of its own. There are memes dedicated to this Hollywood heartthrob’s feminism. A Tumblr page with the title ‘Feminist Ryan Gosling’ exists. What’s more? He said this:

I think women are better than men. They are stronger, more evolved.


6. Benedict Cumberbatch


Speaking to Elle Magazine, Cumberbatch once talked about Sherlock's Molly Hooper and her feminine strength.

She has an independence. She may be quiet... But she's a strong woman at the same time. Just because she has fallen for a couple of sociopaths doesn't mean we should necessarily rule her out as a sane and courageous strong woman.

Feminist men raise strong daughters

Feminism may not rely on men, but it is certainly a better deal to have men on board. It’s great to have men at the work place joining their voices with their female colleagues. It’s great to see men speak about being committed to raising their daughters to be strong women. We love to see more men embrace feminism. Do share your list of feminist men with us.

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