'Let Your Clothes Reflect Who You Are!' 64-Year-Old 'Accidental Style Icon', Lyn Slater, Gives Advice On Aging Fashionably

Date January 31, 2018

Lyn Slater has been a fashion rebel since she was a teenager. When she was in private school and they had to wear uniforms, Slater found a way to make her look unique. She wore religious artefacts all over her uniforms, since those were the only types of accessories that were accepted.

Now 64 years old, she's not letting age hold her back from expressing who she is.

For many years, Slater stood up for the oppressed when she ran a live-in unit for delinquent juvenile girls in upstate New York. Later on, she became a social worker and professor.

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Even though she has always been a daring, rebellious woman, it was not until 2010 that she chose fashion as her creative outlet. She started attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and in 2015, she launched her website, Accidental Icon.

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Her amazing fashion sense and her fabulous way of ageing with fashionable grace have earned her up to 350,000 Instagram followers. She later signed a modelling contract with Elite Models London and took part in a campaign for Mango.

Her fashion career path is unlike that of many fashion bloggers, but that is what makes her so unique.

Fashion and ageing

In a video published by Buzzfeed, Slater talks about all the wonderful aspects of her life and how her age has never held her back. While most people worry about getting invisible as they age, for Slater, it is the complete opposite.

I've never been more visible in my entire life!

Slater also said that her blog and social media posts have given people a different way to think about ageing. A lot of young people have contacted her to say seeing her do her thing has made them less worried about getting old.

I don't consider age when I'm getting dressed.

What is her biggest piece of fashion advice? She says:

To spend time really knowing who you are and then thinking about your clothes as expressing that.

Even though she did not intend for things to work out this way, Slater has become an accidental fashion icon, and not just for older people.

She is inspiring young women to be confident in themselves and assuring them growing old does not mean you disappear into the background, especially when it comes to fashion.

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