Prince Harry Vs Prince William: Which Brother Is More Attractive? Science Reveals The Answer

Date March 23, 2018

Prince Harry and Prince William definitely got good genes from their beautiful mother, the late Princess Diana. But it was revealed that according to the Greek golden ratio, one of them has the edge over the other.


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A mathematical equation invented by the ancient Greeks to measure facial attractiveness has found one brother is just a little bit more handsome than the other.

According to the ratio, a very important criterion is how symmetrical the face is. The perfect symmetry is composed out of three measurements that should be equal:  the distance from a person’s hairline to the central point between their eyes, from the central point between their eyes to the tip of the nose, and from the tip of their nose to the chin.

This ratio was also used by Leonardo Da Vinci to find out the measurements for the perfect human male body.

Experts measured both princes’ faces and as it turned out, Prince Harry scored 63 percent while Prince William 59 percent – just 4 percent less.



Recently, Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle was named the most beautiful royal, according to the same measurement system with winning 87.4 percent. William’s wife Kate Middleton came second with 86.8 percent.

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So what makes Harry more attractive than William?

Experts says:

Using the facial mapping, Harry has a stronger chin and jawline than William so scores higher in this aspect.


So this means that ancient Greeks would consider Harry and Meghan the most attractive royal couple. What do you think? Can mathematical equation actually determine that one person is more beautiful than the other?

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