Immigrant Dad Was Mocked For His English, But The Story Ended In A Sweet Way

Date February 2, 2018 18:06

It’s no surprise that immigrants made fun of because of their accents or poor English. Even the First Lady was mocked by a comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler, who said that she wouldn’t interview Melania Trump because “she can barely speak English”. Perhaps, Chelsea, who speaks only one language and has no college degree, should do her homework better. The First Lady, besides English, speaks French, German, Italian, and Slovenian.

But this story is not about her. This story is about Emily Huynh and her father, Minh Huynh, who received an inappropriate response when he was applying for a job.

Emily Huynh, 18, has been helping her dad, 52, look for jobs. His English level is not very high, so she usually proofreads his emails in advance.

But one day, Minh decided to send an email in response to a company‘s job offer by himself. The response he got from the HR manager of the company was beyond unprofessional.

Emily felt outraged because the HR manager was clearly making fun of her dad’s poor English.

She decided to share a photo of discriminating email on Twitter, and it went viral. It was retweeted more than 23,000 times.

People offered their support and help in finding a job for her dad.

Some of them wrote to the company to complain about how unprofessional the HR manager’s response was.

Shortly after, Emily received an email from the company in question apologizing for the response and letting know that the HR manager was not working at the company anymore.

Emily was very happy receiving the email, but she mentioned that her dad doesn’t want any harm towards the manager.

Since then, Minh Huynh has received many job offers, and now, he is deciding which one to take.

Emily Huynh and her dad thanked everyone for their support. She stated that it is very important to acknowledge the problem of workplace discrimination.

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