Team USA Is Making History At The 2018 Winter Olympics

Date February 14, 2018

Let’s be honest, gay athletes have probably won numerous medals and set many records since the ancient times.

But being open about the sexual preferences is not something that was welcomed amongst athletes, especially in the Winter Olympics.

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U.S. figure skater Adam Rippon showed a breath-taking performance on Monday at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, and he made history by becoming the first openly gay athlete from the U.S. to win a medal in the Winter Games.


It happened after NBC was criticized for straight-washing its coverage of Opening Ceremony by not identifying LGBTQ athletes in the same way it places emphasis on athletes for their gender or ethnic backgrounds.

It was said that by recognizing LGBTQ athletes, it helps make their presence normal and also encourage others to come out, so that one day, it wouldn’t be such a big deal for them to take part in international sports events.

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Rippon is one of two openly gay American athletes who represent the United States in the Winter Olympics for the first time. Gus Kenworthy is making him a company.

In the interview with Us Weekly that happened before the Olympics, Kenworthy explained the importance of his public coming out:

The reason that I wanted to come out in such a public way was, like, in the hopes of helping people that were struggling in the same position that I struggled with for most of my life, in the closet.

Johnny Weir, a former figure skater, who was commentating the Olympic Games, came out in his book, Welcome to My World, after hiding his true self for a long time.

The number of athletes, who announced to be a gay, is still quite small, but maybe, Rippon and Kenworthy‘s decision to be open will make a significant difference in the future.

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