Beth And Duane 'Dog' Chapman's Beautiful And Complicated Love Story

Date March 12, 2018

When Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman revealed she was diagnosed with throat cancer, she received a lot of words of encouragement and support from her fans, but the biggest supporter was her husband, Duane 'Dog' Chapman, who offered a great deal of strengths during the treatment of the disease.

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The couple spoke to the Fox News about the diagnose and how their faith helped them get through it:

Faith is probably the number one thing in our lives, no matter what we’re faced with. Through this cancer episode, we had to drum up as much faith as we could. And the bible talks about having faith as small as a mustard seed. And that’s not much… And I thank God that we had at least that much faith to get her through that.

After Beth’s operation, which lasted 12 hours, Dog revealed that his wife is finally cancer free.

But this is not the first time the couple had to face life-changing events in their lives. They have survived through many ups and downs, including being married to other people and issues with the law, but they stayed together no matter what.


Beth met Duane when she was 19 and he was 35, in 1986. At that time, Dog separated from his third wife, but they weren’t officially divorced yet. Although being 19 years old, Beth was already a mom to Dominic Davis, to whom she gave birth when she was in high school.

The two had an on-and-off romantic relationship which was so complicated that they eventually married other people – Beth married Keith A. Barmore and Duane married Tawny Marie. Beth and Dog met again after they both got divorced.

Beth divorced by 2000, after giving birth to Cecily Barmore-Chapman and Dog officially got divorced in 2002. By that time, Duane already had 10 children.

Once again, their love blossomed with double speed, and the two got back together. After dating each other for a couple of years, the pair got married on May 20, 2006 – a day after, Dog's daughter, Barbara Katie, died in a car accident.

Duane Dog Chapman adopted Beth's daughter Cecily. The couple also has two children together, Bonnie Joanne Chapman and Garry Chapman.

Beth and Dog may not be each other’s first love, but it seems that they will be each other's last one.

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