Vicious Shark Attack Almost Took Her Life, But This Brave Woman Fought To Get Her Life Back And Become A Shark Defender


April 18, 2018 15:46 By Fabiosa

In 2017, 53 out of 88 unproved shark attacks cases in the world happened in the US. Significantly, only five of worldwide attacks were fatal. The number is very low due to advanced beach safety, medical treatment, and public awareness.


But the horrifying and life-changing cases of deadly attacks still happen.

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A vocation turned into a fight for life

In January 2011, the 39-year-old nurse, Nicole Moore, went on a vacation in Cancún, Mexico. She enjoyed time with her friends playing beach volleyball, and then she decided to go for a quick dip.

She was alone, waist-deep in the cooling waters when she looked up and saw two people on Jet Skis waving at her and yelling in Spanish. She waved back smiling at them and thinking they were having fun. But she didn’t even suspect that they were calling for her to get out of the water.

They saw two bull sharks and were trying to warn the woman while attempting to scare the sharks. One of them did leave, but the other was more persistent. The Jet Skiers yelled once again to Nicole, and only then she realized that something was wrong. But it was too late.

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The shark bit a 30-centimeter chunk out of Nicole's left thigh and bit her left arm, which had to be amputated. With the help of Jet Skiers, the woman escaped back to shore with life-threatening injuries. She remembers:

My injuries were so grave that everyone just kind of stood around and gawked.

Being a nurse, Nicole knew she had to stay conscious and directed people to help her save her life. After almost a week in a hospital and multiple surgeries, Nicole went back home.

The reality did set in that this was my new life. Now, I have to learn to re-walk. I had to learn to deal with chronic pain. I had to learn to redo everything in my life with one arm, being a parent of young children.

But Nicole was just happy to be alive and felt incredibly blessed to be able to see her children and husband again. She’s not afraid of the ocean or of sharks.

Moreover, she thinks of herself as an "amateur expert" on them and even became a shark defender.

Tips to avoid shark attacks

To decrease your already small chance of becoming a victim of a shark attack, remember these simple rules:

  1. Swim in groups.
  2. Don’t swim too far from the shore.
  3. Avoid having a dip at night, dusk or dawn.
  4. If you bleed, don’t even think about entering the water.
  5. Take shiny jewelry off.
  6. Don’t enter the water, if there are sharks present.
  7. Don’t wear brightly colored clothing.
  8. Try not to splash a lot.
  9. Don’t try to touch a shark if you spot one!

And remember, if you get attacked by a shark, the general rule is do whatever it takes to get away!

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