Social Media Sensation: Woman Gets The Best Revenge On Her Cheating Ex-Husband

Date April 23, 2018

Infidelity sucks. There is no way to go about it without being hurt. In 2017, unfortunately, there are numerous ways to cheat. Modern technology allows people to connect even more than it was before, but this advantage has drawbacks too. It enables people to conduct affairs on the physical and emotional level.


Recent infidelity statistics suggest that in over ⅓ of marriages, one or sometimes even both partners admit to cheating. But what to do when this heartbreaking situation happens? Andrea Osborn found her own way to deal with it.

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Sweet revenge

23-year-old Andrea Osborn got the best revenge on her cheating ex-husband by outing him on social media and proving she’s better off without him.

Andrea took it to Twitter to share her story on what would her third wedding anniversary have been with her ex Rob Osborn.

In 2016, Rob admitted he cheated on her, but Andrea decided to give him a second chance. The couple eventually parted last summer. In the tweet, Andrea wrote:

Instead of celebrating our wedding anniversary, i’m celebrating dropping 285 pounds of dead weight.

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Rob wasn’t happy

The tweet quickly became viral and received 11,000 likes and lots of supportive messages. The cheating ex wasn’t happy about it, as he asked Andrea to delete it, but she retweeted that instead.

Rob was upset that I would do that. I really didn’t care that he was upset. He had lied to me. He has put me through a lot so I thought it was only fair. In a sense I wanted to show that I’m happy without him and help others who are also going through a breakup or divorce. When I found out he had cheated on me, I was completely devastated. I honestly didn’t suspect a thing. He finally opened up and told the truth a few months after it happened.

Andrea gave Rob a second chance and her full trust but they broke up later that year.

Messages of support

Andrea received many kind words of support on Twitter:

People mentioned how glowing she looks without the cheating husband in her life. Sure she looks happy!

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