Girl Quarrel: Tiff Between Megan Kelly And Jane Fonda

Date January 30, 2018

There’s nothing worse than a girl fight. And when these girls are famous adults, things may get pretty rough. And the story of Megan Kelly and Jane Fonda can illustrate for us in detail how easy it is to offend a woman. But when it comes to revenge, all methods are good.

It all started one day when, Jane Fonda, together with Robert Redford, appeared on Megyn Kelly’s  NBC morning show to promote the new film “Our Souls at Night.” The conversation was easy and smooth in the beginning when suddenly Kelly decided to bring up Fonda’s plastic surgeries. Of course, she complimented the woman on her outstanding look for her age. Here are Kelly’s words:

You admit you’ve had work done, which I think is to your credit. But you look amazing. . . . I read that you said you’re not proud to say you’ve had work done. Why not?

Everyone should have seen the look on Jane Fonda’s face when she heard the question.

The woman tried to change the subject, but the stubborn host stood her ground.

It seemed that a wise woman, such as Jane Fonda, would ignore such an outburst of interest in her face and surgeries, but she decided otherwise.

During one of the ABC shows she jokingly mentioned the name of Megan Kelly in a discussion. And her few words made the TV presenter voice her reaction.

The host of Today mocked Jane Fonda for her surgery. She also remembered her Vietnam photos; the celebrity had apologized for long ago.

As a matter of fact, this “mutual admiration society’ isn’t worth a penny, and such elegant and beautiful ladies should have known about that already. Let’s hope one of them will be wise and strong enough to put an end to this fight.

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