6 Celebrities Speak About Their Life With Their Famous Mothers: “It Was Theirs, Not Ours”

Date February 1, 2018

Having famous parents seems great at first glance. As a rule, people who don’t know it from the inside think that it means total freedom and abundance of everything for kids. However, families, as well as parents, differ. And everything in celebrity families isn’t as bright as it seems. A few famous daughters have decided to share their experience of having celebrity mothers.

What it’s like to have a famous mother

Kate Hudson, for example, always knew she has to earn everything on her own, and the popularity and the fame of her mother wasn’t something that she would take for granted. Still, Kate admits that Goldie Hawn had never pressurized her and tried to make her daughter realize her dreams, and that’s cool.

Zoe Kravitz complains that it was hard to have such famous parents. The little kid was comparing herself to them all the time, and that caused her lots of discomfort. She knew even back then that her parents are so cool that it would be hard to get even close to them.

Tracee Ellis Ross says that her mom, Diana Ross, has taught her from the very beginning that if you want something, you need to work for it; nothing will fall on your head just on your whim. Here’s what Diana once said to her daughter:

This is mine, and I'm not leaving any of it to you.  

This made it perfectly clear that her life won’t be a bed of roses.

Billie Lourd. The actress always felt safe when her mother, actress Carrie Fisher, and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, were alive. She felt safe, but after the biggest tragedies in her life, now Billie has a chance to be herself and not hide in the shadow of their popularity.

Eva Martino, the daughter of Franco Amurri, Italian director, and Susan Sarandon, world-famous actress, confesses that her childhood was perfect. She had everything in abundance, but that didn’t prevent her from growing up a normal person. She is grateful to her parents that she had lots of opportunities opened for her.

Rashida Jones, Peggy Lipton’s daughter, always had her own thing, and her parents encouraged her with everything she wanted to do. Apparently, such freedom gave her a chance to rethink everything and become an actress herself.

Growing up in families with celebrity moms is different, but only to the extent moms allow.

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