Another Awkward Hand-Holding Incident: Melania Refuses To Hold Donald Trump’s Hand Again

Date February 7, 2018

With the release of the book "Fire and Fury" (although it might be telling lies), the world got to know more details about the private life of the 45th POTUS and his family members. It seems that the Trumps have quite a scandalous and perplexing marriage. We don’t know for sure whether these facts are true, but no one can deny that there’s something weird going on between the two spouses. And numerous awkward displays of affection only prove this.

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Latest rumors about their relationship

As Michael Wolff, the author of the infamous book, says, Donald and his wife spend little time together, even at the White House. In fact, they may be the first presidential couple who doesn’t share a bedroom since John and Jackie Kennedy! Sure, each relationship is different behind closed doors, but the Trumps got used to going days without contact, even before the victory in 2016.

Her husband moved between residences as he would move between rooms. - Michael Wolff

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Another awkward moment in the presidential family

On Monday, February 5, the spouses were spotted departing the White House for Ohio. And watching the news footage, some eagle-eyed internet users saw Mr. Trump make several uncomfortable attempts to reach for the wife’s hand. Melania wore her bright yellow coat draped over her shoulders, so her husband only got a handful of her sleeve.


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People’s reactions

Be it any other famous couple, it would have gone completely unnoticed. But given the latest speculations about the President’s affair with a porn star, Twitter users could not keep quiet, believing it was the First Lady’s deliberate move. Here are some of the best suggestions, theories, and thoughts on a brush-off:

Leaving his beloved behind

On Sunday, there was another moment that made people think the Trumps have a relationship crisis. While the President shook hands with cheerleaders, his wife didn’t seem as interested and just lingered on the sidelines. Or did he leave her in the background intentionally?

Ever since the news of the alleged affair, Melania has been keeping a low profile, but we hope the couple will sort things out.

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