'Charlie's Angels' Star Jaclyn Smith Recalls On Battling Breast Cancer And What Helped Her Cope With It

Date April 17, 2018

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women. Overall, 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop it over the course of their lifetime.

What is more, each year, there are more than 200 thousand new cases. And while celebrities might have many perks, it doesn't protect anyone from cancer.

This is Jacklyn Smith’s story


Today, actress Jaclyn Smith is enjoying life with her children, husband, and a beautiful granddaughter. She has also launched a popular fashion line for women. But family and successful career are not the only thing she celebrates.

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The invincible Charlie’s Angels actress still cannot forget the day she found out she had cancer. In 2002, Smith was shocked when the doctor told her she needed to have a breast tissue biopsy. As it turned out, she had cancer in her left breast.

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Upon hearing the sad news, Jaclyn’s immediate thought was about family. As she recalls:

I can remember [that moment] with my doctor. My first question was, ‘Will I be here for my children?’


Luckily, the results of further testing showed that it had not spread to lymph nodes. So, the doctor reassured the actress that the prognosis was good. And soon, Smith underwent lumpectomy and 8 weeks of radiation.


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One of the things that helped her cope with her diagnosis and treatment was the support of friends and family:

I had a girlfriend who went through breast cancer, and she was by my side. I didn’t go to an appointment without her.


Now, she is 72 years old and absolutely cancer-free. To stay healthy, Jaclyn has completely changed her lifestyle and diet.


The actress has cut out French fries, as well as started eat healthy and work out regularly. And these are some of the things that can prevent cancer in the first place.

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How to reduce the risk?

Surely, some of the risks like family history can’t be changed. But limiting alcohol to less than 1 drink per day, controlling weigh, being physically active, and limiting duration and dose of hormone therapy can help prevent breast cancer.

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