40 Years Since The First Date, Mandy Patinkin And Kathryn Grody Reveal They Are Still Madly In Love

Date April 24, 2018

Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody have been married for 38 years. Their first date took place back in 1978. And after all this time, they still prove they’re madly in love.


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In the recent interview to Vulture, the celebs planned to talk about their activist work, artistic pursuits, and Judaism. But since it was scheduled on the 40th anniversary of their first date, both could not help but gush about their relationship and reminisce about some of the most delightful moments.

So how did the two meet?


Patinkin and Grody were doing a play together. And since Mandy didn’t want to go out with anybody she was working with, he arranged a date with Kathryn only after the play was over.


As soon as the singer sat down and gave Grody flowers, he exclaimed that he was going to marry her one day. And he didn’t lie. What was Kathryn’s reaction? Not so optimistic:

I said he was going to get very hurt, because I wasn’t going to marry anybody. Because I didn’t believe in it.


But she changed her mind as soon as Mandy kissed her on the corner. The two spent the whole night walking along the pier and crying about common connections, including losing parents at about the same time.


One year later, they got engaged. And in 1980, the two tied the knot.

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What have they learned from their relationship?


For Kathryn, there’s no way to feel the depth of being together for such a long time. Throughout their marriage, she has learned that partners still cause each other pain, even if they don’t want to. But somehow, it’s possible to get through it all.


And what about Mandy? He answers, jokingly:

I never experienced unconditional love until I met her.

With time, the pair have also realized they have shared values, including activism and Judaism. At the beginning, Mandy was not as political as his beloved was. And now, they are both activists.


As for Judaism, the couple have made a compromise by having much more practice than Kathryn had and much less than Mandy grew up with.

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