Karen Knotts Shares Touching Memories Of Her Dad, Don Knotts, And Opens Up About His Last Moments


Throughout her life, Karen Knotts has been asked lots of questions about her dad. And it’s pretty obvious why, considering her father was a famous and legendary comedian, Don Knotts.

And she has a lot to say about him!

To pay tribute to her father and satisfy his fans, Karen came up with a one-woman show titled “Tied Up in Knotts.” In it, she combines videos, photos, and impersonations to tell Don’s story and keep his memory alive.

She had the idea of the show even before her dad passed away in 2006. And it turned out to be a huge success! Besides, while touring the country, she speaks with many people who tell even more stories about Don.

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As a material, Karen also uses her father’s TV career, shows, and movies. But the key is to show Don not only as an incredible superstar, but also as a humble person with a great sense of humor.


In fact, he could not help but make his family laugh even on his deathbed! And as horrific as it may sound to some people, Karen even had to run out of the room not to laugh in front of him:

He was literally dying, but he did something or said something that caused my stepmother and I to go into fits of laughter.

But anyone who was close with Don knew it was kind of response he wanted to hear. So now, Karen regrets running away and hiding her emotions:

I should have just stood there and blasted out laughing.

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As she reveals, her dad has always been funny, despite having different moods and fighting depression due to the troubled childhood.

And most importantly, although he was an internal person, Don still was a great, loving father.

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