Putting Family Over Fame: What Makes "Fixer Upper" Chip And Joanna Gaines Great Parents?

Date April 16, 2018 16:58

Without a doubt, Chip and Joanna Gaines are one busy couple. In-between flipping houses and starring in HGTV's Fixer Upper, they always find time to have fun with their 4 (almost 5!) children.

But what makes them good parents?

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The two have a few secrets that allow them strike a balance. One of them is constant communication. Joanna earlier revealed that she kept her kids in the loop about almost everything.

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This includes explaining to them that their parents need to work just like children have to study. And she also lets them know what she is going to do throughout the day and when she will get back home.

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Taking the time

When the Gaines get home from work, they leave their phones in the car and spend time playing with their children, even though they might be exhausted. Joanna often tries to make breakfast or dinner for her kids no matter what to celebrate them in small ways every day.

And children appreciate it:

Chip had the kids go around the table to say what they love most about Mom, and each one of their answers was that I cook for them.

Maintaining priorities

In October 2017, the duo announced that season 5 of their show would be the last one because they wanted to focus on raising up the kids. The eldest son Drake is now 12, and the two want to make sure they don’t miss anything important in his life.

Limiting access to technology

The family doesn’t have a TV, and the kids will not have cell phones until they get to college. Besides, although Chip and Joanna show their children on their show, they keep them away from the camera lens behind it.

Instead, the couple encourages their kids to be playful and curious, explore the world, connect with nature, and learn that life happens outside of the devices.

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What do you think about Chip and Joanna’s parenting approach?

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