Madonna Shares Secrets Of Her Youthful And Healthy-Looking Skin

Date February 9, 2018

Popular fashion magazines love to make a so-called “Now vs. Then” celebrities look comparison. However, in most cases, all these fabulous women look so perfect on the magazine covers due to Photoshop and retouching. The majority of them but not Madonna.


The pop queen looks incredible in her 59. Can you imagine, Madonna has almost passed through a six-decade line? No? Well, we neither.

So, how does this gorgeous woman manage to keep such a perfect shape in her age? In her recent Instagram post, Madonna revealed one of her beauty secrets. Ladies, get ready to note.

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Допис, поширений Madonna (@madonna)

Madonna reveals her beauty skin secret

Like she is about most things, Madonna is also a perfectionist about her skin. The star says she is not a big fan of plastic surgeries; instead, she prefers natural skin care products.


Recently, the pop queen revealed a secret behind her youthful look. Madonna shared a video tutorial, where she gets her face massaged by dinner forks. Yes, you heard that right. Madonna is really fond of facial with an ordinary fork.

Допис, поширений Madonna (@madonna)

The singer says such method helps tighten her skin and makes it healthy-looking. The best part is that every woman has this ‘magical beauty weapon’ in her kitchen. Madonna captioned the video:

I'm just getting a facial right now from an esthetician.  She's really good at doing facial when I'm wearing my hair in bangs with a bow tie on my head.

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Beauty tips from incredible Madonna

Madonna has her strict rules of taking care of her skin. She rarely spends time in the sun, and when she does, she is covered head to toe in scarves and hats.


The star is a big fan of face creams and oxygen peeling. Skin moistening is an integral part of her everyday beauty routine.


Madonna follows a strict diet. She never drinks coffee, soda, or energetic drinks. Her ration consists mostly of green food, vegetables, and fresh juices.


Madonna is known for her passion for sports. She spends a couple of hours in the gym on a daily basis. She admits every woman should invest in herself. This includes visiting a gym, doing spa procedures, or buying new clothes.


Every time Madonna appears on the red carpet, she immediately steals the spotlight. The pop queen is synonymous with style and glamour. Madonna proves that no matter your age, when you love yourself, you will always look amazing.


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