Did Someone Say There Is A 'Friends' Movie Coming Soon? Lisa Kudrow Is As Shocked As The Rest Of The Fans

Date January 30, 2018

Did you just do a double-take? Yes, a new trailer just surfaced on the internet, and it looks like an advert for a new Friends movie. The hit TV series was shot in the 1990s. It starred Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry ,and David Schwimmer.

Friends came to an end in 2004 as NBC closed it after 10 seasons. Millions of fans were disappointed. Many asked for the return of the show to television. However, Marta Kaufman insisted that Friends was off the air for good. Until now.

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YouTube Channel Smasher put together clips featuring the ensemble cast of Friends but from some of their recent projects. The collage showed some very emotional scenes from new TV projects. This clever spoof was called “The One With The Reunion”.

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And the idea is that the Friends reunion movie continues from where the original series ended. The video is not official, and Marta Kaufman has not reacted to it, but the clip has gone viral since its release. Subsequently, in less than a week, the trailer got over 40million hits on YouTube.

Lisa Kudrow is amused

Lisa Kudrow was on 'Conan', and she answered to some questions about the new Friends trailer. She mentioned how even she was taken unawares by the movie trailer. Lisa even reached out to former co-star Courtney Cox and joked about a reunion.

However, Lisa is concerned that the old cast may not fare well in a reboot, considering that they are all older now. In addition, she suggests that it would be weird if the characters still had the same problems they did over a decade ago.

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Finally, Lisa did seem excited at the possibility that the show may get back on TV, even if it was with a new cast.

The fans really want it back. Some of them

The trailer may have been released on YouTube, but the whole internet is in flames. Everybody is talking about Friends.

But some people are not impressed

This trailer does bring back the nostalgia. However, it seems some people are just sore that it's not real.

These are some of the best moments from Friends.

Surely, someone is seeing all the activity and taking notes. Maybe, Marta may have a change of heart and bring back the old crew for one final season.

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