French Director Agnès Varda, 89, Is The Oldest Ever Oscar Nominee

Date January 31, 2018

She was born in Belgium in 1928 and has spent most of her life working in France. This prolific director and writer has become synonymous with experimental styles in production. Agnès Varda is a very important figure in the world of modern French cinema.

To her credit, she has countless art pieces with a focus on documentary realism as well as issues surrounding feminism. Social commentary is a medium that Varda employs for most of her works. Moreover, she prefers working with non-professional actors.

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Film historians cite Varda’s work as integral to the development of the 'French New Wave' film movement. Her first film, La Pointe Courte, set the pace for what would become a landmark career.

Oldest ever Oscar nominee

Varda just made history as she became the oldest person to be nominated for an award by the Academy. She earned this historic place for her film Visages Villages ("Faces Places"). The nomination was for the Best Documentary Feature.

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In her regular fashion, Varda engaged social commentary for this film. In collaboration with French artist JR, Varda interviewed several everyday people in rural France.

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Varda may soon stop movie making. Speaking to Indiewire last year, the octogenarian drew an analogy with a boxer. According to her, there will always be another match to fight, and often, boxers just don’t know when to quit. She concludes:

I’m not sure I should do another one. But I also do exhibitions, installations. I’m not going to bed.

Gloria Stuart held the title before Varda

In 2007, American actress Gloria Stuart was 87 when she earned the Supporting Actress nomination for her role in Titanic. The title stood for 20 years until now. Before her, the title was held by Ruby Dee for her performance in American Gangster (2007). Ruby was 85 years and 87 days old.

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There have also been some very young nominees at the Oscars for the Supporting Actress. Tatum O'Neal holds the record for Paper Moon (1973). She was 10 years and 148 days old. Tatum also won the award. Jodie Foster takes the number 10 spot on the list of youngest nominees. She was 14 years and 83 days when nominated for Taxi Driver (1976).

The annual Academy Awards ceremony will hold on March 4th. Congratulations again to Agnès Varda. We wish you all the best.

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