Kanye West Breaks The Internet With An Army Of Kim Clones

Date February 2, 2018

Last December, celebrity mom and TV star Kim Kardashian released a series of photos on her Twitter that were largely unassuming. Most of them showed Kim looking like she got caught on a regular day by the paparazzi. Nothing to look at, right? Wrong.

One striking thing about the photos was that she was wearing pieces from designer husband Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 collection. The body-con sweats were all over the place. Play point one goes to Kanye.

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Break out the Kim clones #yeezyseason6

This week, images of Kim look-alikes wearing pieces from Yeezy Season 6 started popping up on the internet. It started with Paris Hilton as she was sporting the same platinum blonde hair as Kim. And then, the banks broke and scores of other images started showing up everywhere.

Right now, #yeezyseason6 is on the internet, and it is clear that the pictures are not a coincidence. On the whole, this is part of a grand marketing plan orchestrated by Kanye to get his new collection into the public space. And he cleverly and discreetly achieved this without traditional advertising.

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And this is just the start of a much bigger plan. Kanye is pushing the envelope with the new collection. A lot of people question the place of sweats outside the gym, but the new Yeezy line is making a bold statement. Fashion is changing, and rules will be broken.

Word making the rounds is that the company will be drastically reducing prices in upcoming seasons to boost sales. If the calculations are right, and Kanye keeps up his original brand strategy, he is not going to be the only one smiling to the bank.

His fans are loving the new vibe

It may seem a little weird seeing so many copies of Kim on the internet, but the fans are not complaining at all. Most of them actually really like the new way Kanye is marketing his collection.

Have you spotted any other clone we didn’t mention? And which celebrity is the best Kim look-alike?

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