"The Pleasure Of Life Is Dinner": Tina Turner On Living Her Best Life, Shares Aging Tips

Date March 7, 2018

We’re not sure what’s in the water where Tina Turner was born Nutbush, Tennesse, but if it means aging as gracefully and with as much energy as the remarkably toned “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” then we’d definitely like a big old sip.


What the legendary singer thinks about aging.

Known just as well for her knockout figure (specifically those super-famous legs) as she is for her electrifying stage presence and harrowing but the fame-making relationship with Ike Turner — her abusive former husband and musical partner — 78-year-old Turner isn’t exactly secretive about how she keeps it up.

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And, yes, not-so-private dancing plays a considerable part of it. The fierce and fabulous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee told The Mirror in 2009:

The main reason I've stayed looking good is that I've spent 40 years doing the most intensive stage workouts ever.

In addition to strutting and shaking her stuff onstage in sold-out stadiums across the world, Turner, a practicing Buddhist, and resident of Switzerland maintains her age-defying looks with lots of sleep, water, and a sensible, low-carb diet.

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The secret of Tina's happiness

After a lifetime of hard work and almost half a century in the public eye, Tina Turner says she's finally found happiness.

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On an episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on OWN, Oprah had an intimate conversation with the legendary performer following Turner’s recent wedding to her longtime love, Erwin Bach.


Watch as Tina tells Oprah how her journey helped her get to a place where she desires nothing. Plus, Tina shares the morning ritual that brings her peace.

On aging gracefully.

Tina Turner seems to just get better and better with age - a phenomenon the singer believes is down to a combination of great style, health, and attitude.

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I don't abuse myself with sweets, sugars, cakes, and fat. I eat healthily. The pleasure of life is dinner. I eat a breakfast of banana, kiwi and melon, and brown German bread. I only have two meals a day because I sleep for a very long time.

Luckily for Tina, her natural preference is for good healthy food.

The main reason I've stayed looking good is that I've spent 40 years doing the most intensive stage workouts ever. Women should be proud of who they are at any stage in their lives.

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A one two-hour, high-energy stage performance helps keeps those fabulous legs in tip-top shape. It is Tina's mental attitude that perhaps plays the most significant part of her refusal to let herself go.

Love you, Tina. You’re an inspiration to all women, and your beauty and sexiness are aging like fine wine. In your own words, you’re Simply The Best!

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