Genius Or Weird? Diesel Opens Store For Knockoff Line, Deisel

Date February 15, 2018

Would you buy Deisel merchandise? Top quality at knockoff prices. No, really, we promise it’s the real deal!

This is precisely the situation that passers-by faced while walking through Canal Street in New York where a blatant knock-off store with the Deisel sign was opened, selling what appears to be Diesel merchandise with a “flaw” in the name.


Timelessness Is An Art

Diesel is all about the work of one man: Renzo Rosso. Through his anti-conformist creations, he spread passion, individuality, and self-expression.


1991 is the year when Diesel was talked about and pointed at, as the company which used advertising campaigns combining dark humor and ridicule to social or political issues, which triggered controversy on a regular basis.

Today, Diesel remains one of the biggest European manufacturers of clothing, including its famous jeans, but also sunglasses, shoes, luggage, fragrances, and cosmetics.


Diesel jeans are trendy because they can never go out of trend. The main reason behind Diesel jeans popularity is its comfort and sturdiness.

The Brand Misspelled Its Own Name On Labels

Riffing on knock-off culture, Diesel beat the counterfeiters to the punch and opened its store, selling what appears at first glance to be cheap rip-offs of Diesel products.


Renzo Rosso strongly believes that there are over a million counterfeit Diesel products sold around the world.


In an interview with AFP, he said:

We have so many counterfeit products all over the world I thought, 'Why can't we play with this problem that we have? We created a fake product, a fake name, and we came to the counterfeit district'.

Take a look at the video below and see the skeptic shoppers frown upon sellers when they claim it’s the real deal.

The concept perfectly fits the brand’s new direction and platform launched last year, “Go With the Flaw,” which celebrates the flaws in all of us.


Who Can Make A Better Diesel Knockoff Than Diesel Themselves

Those who dared to buy the goods got one-of-a-kind items. The Deisel store is, in fact, selling rare and highly limited edition pieces to those curious or thrifty enough to enter.

Simple, bold prints on T-shirts and hoodies as well as drawstring denim cuts lined the racks, carrying the intentionally misspelled Deisel logo.


Furthermore, this might just be the first authentic knock-off store in the world, and Diesel even commended the Deisel shoppers for being “brave enough to venture off the beaten path to find their unique style.