Stacy London Shares Her Inspiring Story Of Healing After A Spine Surgery

Date February 13, 2018

American fashion consultant and stylist, Stacy London, has been through some pretty rough times and come out on the other side. Her story is nothing short of inspiring.


Stacy London had a challenging 2017

In a candid piece she wrote for Refinery29, the "What Not To Wear" host talked about getting a spinal surgery and a process of healing that left her emotionally broken and financially spent.

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Stacy says she agreed to make a surgery in December 2016 in view of a successful year in 2017. She wanted to be free of the back pain that had dogged her for years. She was newly out of a job and planned to make 2016 a sabbatical year, until it became clear that she had to undergo the surgical procedure.

The TLC star host was, however, not prepared for the toll her plans would take on her.

If I’d known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have made any plans at all.

Escaping reality through retail therapy

On paper, the surgery procedure was meant to heal in six weeks, but she did not account for how much longer it would take to get her life back on track. As the healing process dragged on, Stacy says she felt unhinged without a job or purpose. She used shopping to compensate.


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"I’m a grown-up, but surgery, sadness, and immobility had me acting like a child," Stacy said in her revealing essay.

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Long weeks of healing from surgery resulted in clinical depression, but she continued to indulge in retail therapy. It kept her from dealing with the fear that she was losing a grip over her life. It also distracted her from facing the fact that her relationship with her boyfriend was over.

How she got her life back

The TV host, who has made a career out of helping people make better fashion decisions, says it took a lot, including the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, and a meeting with her accountant, to wake her up.

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At the start of 2018, she revealed that she had to forgive a bunch of people who had hurt her in the past, but it took a lot before she got to that point.

She says, these days, she is very conscious of her mistakes and the need to rectify them.

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