Unbelievable! Man Named Michael Fagan Broke Into Buckingham Palace Twice

Date February 19, 2018

Michael Fagan's story may seem straight out of a movie, but it is true. He is notorious for breaking into Buckingham Palace, not once, but two times!


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His crimes were committed 36 years ago.

Cheese Thief

The first time he broke into the Palace he gained access through a drainpipe. But, this was after he entered through an unlocked window into the room where the Royal Stamp Collection where locked away behind closed doors.


His entry through the drainpipe was witnessed by a female staff of the royal family. Her efforts to raise an alarm were futile because he had escaped before she could call security.


According to the burglar's own account, he entered other rooms in the palace, wandered around some corridors, drank some wine, and ate cheddar cheese.

Entry Into The Queen's Room

Fagan's second attempt about a month later took him as far as the Queen's room. This time, his movements tripped off an alarm censor, but the police simply thought it was faulty and tripped it off.


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At the time of his second Buckingham Palace entry, Fagan was unemployed and his wife had left him.

The story of how he gained access to the Queen's bedroom is quite surreal. He admitted to the police that all he needed to do was follow the pictures until he found himself in the private section of the Palace. It was very easy for him to enter into the Queen of the United Kingdom's bedroom.

The 33-year-old British man began his escapade at 7:00 am when he jumped over the fence, topped with revolving spikes. By 7:15 am, he had entered the Queen's room.


Even more surreal is the fact that the intruder was discovered by the Queen herself. She woke up after he disturbed a curtain. And, as mind-boggling as it sounds, Fagan asked for a cigarette, while the Queen tried to reach the police.

Other Trespasses

Before Fagan broke into the Palace, there had been a few security breaches, but his entry caused the Palace to seriously review its security policy.


However, this did not stop the trespassers. None of them have gotten as close as Fagan, but a number of intruders have been recorded through the years. In 2013 alone, there were two recorded incidents of break-ins into the Palace.

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