King Of Love Ballads: Slim Whitman Influenced Many Great Musicians

Date February 26, 2018

Slim Whitman, who died in 2013, may be a forgotten yesteryear man, but he inspired generations of singers. He was known as the country singer with the weather-beaten face and velvet voice.


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"Rose Marie"

His candid love ballads were a little too sentimental and, more often than not, his style made him the subject of jokes. But he was very accomplished.

In the course of his career, he put out more than 100 albums and sold more than 70 million records. As big as the Beatles were, he outdid them on the British pop charts. His recording of "Rose Marie" topped the charts for 11 weeks.

The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley

His feat over the Beatles may come as a surprise to many, but not to the members of the famous rock band. George Harrison and Paul McCartney have said that Whitman was an early influence.

McCartney grew up left-handed at a time when guitars were just becoming a fad. It was by watching Whitman that he first learned how to make the instrument, strung for right-handed players, work for him.



He did not influence just the Beatles. Elvis Presley once opened for him and Michael Jackson lists Whitman among his top ten favorite vocalists.

Whitman's Hits

It has to be difficult wading through over 500 songs, especially if you are only just discovering Whitman. But, you don't need to break a sweat about this!


Based on a listing on Ranker, Whitman's best songs include "Love Song Of The Waterfall", "Rose-Marie", "Una Paloma Blanca", and the famous "Indian Love Call".

In the 1996 comedy, "Mars Attacks!", Whitman's rendition of his song "Indian Love Call" saved the planet. His high-pitched voice caused the heads of invaders from Mars to explode!

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