British Designer, Angela Kelly, Has An Enviable Friendship With Queen Elizabeth

Date February 26, 2018

Everyone has been talking about Angela Kelly after the Queen of England made a rare appearance at a fashion show in her company.



The British fashion designer has been a member of Queen Elizabeth's staff for almost two decades.

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Unofficial relationship

Her designation is Personal Assistant and Chief Dresser, but she's a little more than a staff member to Her Majesty.


Officially, she is responsible for making sure the Queen dresses appropriately for every occasion. She also takes care of the monarch's jewelry and insignia. However, the two women share a friendship that stretches beyond their professional relationship.



Her Majesty often visits Kelly on the grounds adjoining the Windsor Castle. The Queen is known to spend her weekends at the Castle.

Their friendship

It is hard to imagine what the Queen is like as a friend. It's harder still to imagine her popping in for a casual tea visit at the home of a friend.


But the friendship between the two women has been known within royal circles for some time now. It is no longer unusual to hear Her Majesty say she's stepping out for a bit to visit her friend.

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In an interview with the Telegraph, Kelly confirmed their friendship and gave some insider details. She said the Monarch has a wicked sense of humor and is a fantastic mimic.


At the Richard Quinn show in London where the Queen had gone to present the emerging designer award, she was pictured sitting next to the well-known Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. Angela Kelly was seated just one seat away.

Kelly's accomplishments

Kelly did not always move in the same circles as the Queen. She worked really hard to get to the top of her profession.

While Her Majesty was already a young woman traveling on official duties, Angela Kelly, 62, was only a girl growing up as the daughter of a crane driver and nurse mother.


Before Kelly became a trusted friend of the Queen, she started out as one of the many dressers of the Monarch. She has since received a Royal Victoria Order and has a fashion label, Angela Kelly, that everyone associates with the Queen of England.

But, the coolest thing about this very accomplished woman is her enviable friendship with the Queen.

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