"I Don't Recall Being Afraid": The Story Of 2 Children Who Survived The Titanic

Date March 5, 2018

When the Titanic sank in 1912, hundreds of lives were lost. Each of these people had remarkable stories of how they came to be on the ship.


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Other notable Titanic deaths

Most people are familiar with the love story of Jack and Rose, as told by the phenomenal Hollywood director, James Cameron, in the classic film Titanic. It made Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio international stars.


But, in 1982, a novel Les Enfants du Titanic (The Children of Titanic) written by Élisabeth Navratil told the remarkable story of a man, Michel Navratil, who perished on the Titanic. He was her grandfather.

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Michel Navratil was divorced from his wife, and on the run with their sons, Michel jr and Edmond.


He had only been granted access to the boys during the Easter break in 1912, but he never returned them to their mother. Instead, he left France with them and stayed briefly in London. His plan was to go to America; the New World.

Louis and Lola

Before the Titanic’s fateful trip to New York, Michel bought 3 second-hand tickets under false names. On board the ship, he told his fellow passengers that he was a widower. Ironically, he did not survive the tragic sinking of the ship.

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Michel jr and Edmond, under the false names of Louis and Lola, were the only children rescued from the ill-fated ship without a parent or guardian when the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912.


Their mother, Marcelle, eventually sailed to New York to be reunited with them in May of that year, after she found pictures of them in newspapers.

"I don't recall being afraid."

Although he was still very young at the time the ship sank, Michel jr had clear memories of the time he spent on the ship with his brother and father.

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He recalled that he had enjoyed the entire experience. He said:

I don't recall being afraid, I remember the pleasure, really, of going plop! into the life-boat. We ended up next to the daughter of an American banker who managed to save her dog - no one objected.

According to Michel, the only reason he and his brother survived was that they had boarded second-class, and so, got some preferential treatment.

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