"I Just Can't Believe It!": Breast Cancer Survivor Given 1% Chance Of Conception, Beats The Odds

Date March 8, 2018

Sarah Pickles, a 35-year-old cancer survivor from Winsford, Cheshire, has given birth to a miracle baby. This comes after her doctors gave her a 1% chance of conception.

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Sarah first found out she had cancer in 2014 while she and husband Dave, 42, were trying for a second child to complete their family. She was diagnosed with a triple negative breast cancer.  Because of her family's history with the disease, she was convinced she would not survive it. 

But, on the advice of her doctors, she went ahead with a pioneering chemotherapy treatment at The Christie hospital. She also had both breasts removed.

shadow on her spine

Although, she was certified cancer-free afterwards, she had to come to terms with the fact that she had very slim chances of conception.

However, she began to feel pain in her back later that year. Scan results showed that there was a shadow on her spine.

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Instead of undergoing more scans to confirm her worst fear, she was told to do a pregnancy test and the result was shocking. She was expecting.

Miracle baby

The teacher turned nail and beauty therapist, says she could not believe it was happening. Even after the birth of her son, she still has a hard time wrapping her mind around it all.

She said:

I still look at him now and think 'after everything that's happened, I just can't believe we have this new addition to our family.

The mom of 2 was not just given a clean bill of health, she got a baby just before she hit menopause!

It's perhaps to make sense of it all that she decided to share her unique story in a book The Shock Factor: Sarah's Story - Beating Breast Cancer One Day At A Time. The book hit the top seller mark as soon as it was launched on Amazon.

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