Marlon Brando Was The Star Of The Screen, But He Had A Tragic Family Life

Date March 6, 2018

The year 1990 was a tragic one for The Godfather star, Marlon Brando, and his family. His son Christian Brando murdered his half sister's boyfriend.

This singular act triggered a series of misfortunes for his family.


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Marlon Brando's family troubles

Christian, 32 at the time, told the police that it was an accident. He said his half-sister, Cheyenne, had mentioned that her boyfriend was violent. 


According to Christian's attorneys, their client had only tried to confront the 6’3″, 270-lb Tahitian named Dag Drollet. It was while they wrestled each other that the gun went off.


Brando's wife at the time, Tarita Teriipia, and their daughter, Cheyenne, heard the gunshot from other parts of the actor's mountaintop home.

Christian's arrest

There were no witnesses to confirm his story of self-defense. The police also confiscated five guns from him, including an M-14 assault rifle and a silencer.


The supposed victim, Cheyenne, did not show any prior signs of injury and Christian was arrested and arraigned on first-degree murder.

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Brando was distraught. His efforts to get his son released on bail fell through. After his failed efforts, he told reporters:

It’s impossible to describe. You’d have to go through what I’m going through to know how it feels.


More troubles amid career success

The actor's troubles continued in 1995 when Cheyenne killed herself while her half-brother was serving time.


The tragic event happened at the South Pacific island of Tahiti where she had shut herself off from the world following the murder of her boyfriend.

While these tragic events were unfolding in the actor's life, his career continued to soar. He had starred in the successful romantic comedy Don Juan DeMarco. This came on the heels of critically acclaimed performances in the Broadway and film versions of A Streetcar Named Desire.


According to the LA Times, before her death, Cheyenne had dealt with depression and attempted suicide at least twice before her final attempt. Christian was released 1996, a year after her death. He died in 2008 of pneumonia. He was the eldest of Brando's known 11 children.

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